Treatment and services

Reboundrehab offer several specialised treatments and services to assist people who are recovering and rehabilitating following an accident or injury. Let us take care of all the logistics and paperwork so that you can focus on what’s most important—your rehabilitation and recovery.

An woman and a man in a wheelchair at the beach with a young boy

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapy focuses on the goals and motivations of our participants, helping them to live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Reboundrehab’s professional and experienced occupational therapists work closely with participants to provide ongoing assessment of their current abilities and limitations, offering advice and techniques for making everyday life easier and safer.

Work options planning

Returning to work after an accident can be daunting. We help to make the transition as smooth as possible for participants.

Our range of services assist people to return to their former employer or seek a new employer following their injury. Through workplace assessments, job seeking skills training and redeployment services, we give participants the confidence to pursue work options.

A man in a wheelchair working happily under a new arrangement
A worker sits with a participant to review care needs

Care needs review

Reviewing the needs and ongoing support requirements of our participants is vital to providing a high level of care.

Reboundrehab works in consultation with other health services to ensure everyone involved in a participants’ recovery and rehabilitation has a thorough understanding of the needs and capabilities of the participant through providing a comprehensive Care Needs Review.

Equipment prescription

Reboundrehab helps to connect participants with the equipment and assistive technology that can assist them in the workplace.

We work closely with participants and their workplaces to discuss the options that are available and the ways that equipment can be utilised and modified to better suit the needs of a person with a disability, and ensure they are working as productively as possible.

A worker and parent with a child in an specially prescribed chair out in the community smiling and enjoying the day
A carer helps a man in a wheelchair as he cooks his own dinner

Care needs assessments and attendant care requests

If attendant care worker support is required, a care needs review is recommended. This review helps to clarify the type of help participants might need following an accident or injury.

We use a range of clinical and other life experiences to put plans into action and complete the paperwork needed for attendant care. This way, our participants can rest assured that we have all the paperwork in hand—they just focus on their recovery.

Activities of daily living assessments

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessments consider personal and domestic activities. We help to determine if our participants need additional support, equipment or modifications to their home to make everyday living as easy and stress-free as possible.

Our occupational therapists assess functional performance so that they can recommend a solution that provides the highest possible level of independence to our participants. We only suggest the use of equipment or modifications to your home if they are necessary.

A woman in a wheelchair washing dishes unassisted

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