Workplace rehabilitation

Reboundrehab know how difficult it can be to return to the workplace after an accident or injury. We believe in empowering our participants with the knowledge and tools needed to return to work. That’s why all of our workplace rehabilitation services are tailored to meet our participants’ needs and get them back to work as quickly, safely and with as little stress as possible. Reboundrehab is an approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider in NSW

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Recovery at work services

Our consultants work with our participants on an ongoing basis to ensure their recovery continues as you return to the workplace.

We understand that participants might require coordinated, long-term support and we offer a range of services depending on their circumstances. Whether they are returning to the same employer or transitioning to a new employer, our consultants can assist.

Initial needs assessment

Completing an assessment of participant needs is an important first step to accessing the care and support they require.

Reboundrehab’s staff includes health professionals across different disciplines who are able to complete these reviews and provide an accurate picture of participant needs, both immediately post-injury and into the future.

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Workplace assessment

Reboundrehab consultants assess workplaces to ensure the goals of employers and clients are aligned.

Consultation is the key to achieving a successful return to work. We develop return to work plans, functional capacity evaluations, and workstation assessments to ensure a smooth transition back into the workplace. We can also provide employer education on developing and maintaining return to work services.

Workstation and ergonomic assessments

Creating a safe working environment to promote ongoing health and recovery is Reboundrehab’s number one priority.

Our workstation and ergonomic assessments are designed to ensure that participants are returning to a workplace that is supportive of their physical capabilities. Our staff are Allied Health professionals who are experts in occupational safety.

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Vocational assessments

Reboundrehab offer vocational assessments so that participants can explore a range of future employment options. We ensure that thorough consultation is entered into with both the employer and the employee so that the business’ and the individual’s goals are aligned.

These assessments analyse transferable skills, experience and qualifications. This way, our participants can make more informed decisions about the opportunities that are available and the different career paths they might decide to pursue.

Employer services

We deliver a range of services to help employers navigate the return to work of injured employers. We take care of all the assessments, mediation, claims strategies, legislative requirements, and paperwork so can focus on your business.

From the development of detailed return to work plans, consultation with health care practitioners and functional capacity evaluation, through to the application of WorkCover incentive schemes and redeployment schemes, we can help.

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Need help with rehabilitation or returning to work? Contact our friendly team.