We believe

Good injury management changes lives

We help you reach your goals faster

reboundrehab are committed to ensuring that all people who have been impacted by an accident or injury are able to return to the work that they find meaningful and fulfilling. We work closely with our participants to set goals for the future and work towards them in tandem with a variety of supports and services.

Our qualified staff have years of experience in workplace rehabilitation and case management. They apply their range of knowledge and clinical backgrounds to assist our participants in their successful return to work.

Reliable, effective workplace rehabilitation

We are passionate about making a change for the better in the lives of all our participants, helping you and working with you to achieve your goals. Commencing operations in 2014 as a New South Wales Accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider, Reboundrehab have consistently strived to provide a positive experience for the people we work with.

Highly qualified industry professionals

Our staff are highly qualified industry professionals, each with extensive experience working across disciplines such as occupational therapy, rehabilitation counselling, psychology and social work. Passionate and dedicated, we have a real passion for improving the lives of everyone we work with.

Need help with rehabilitation or returning to work? Contact our friendly team.